Friday, April 18, 2008


I have neglected the blog since we have been home. As you can imagine life with four kids is busy most of the time.

Yesterday we took Sarah to the doctor and her bilirubin had risen to15 and she lost three more ounces, none of that was good news. The day was spent trying to get keep her awake and get her to eat. It was a long day for all of us, with not much sleep for the adults. Adam and I both commented how much easier this was eleven years ago when we were both twenty five.

Today we took her back to the doctor and she gained an ounce from yesterday and the doctor did not feel that we needed to retest the bilibrubin. Sarah is still pretty yellow, but she is producing wet diapers and is gaining weight, that was all good news. We were hoping for progress like that as we headed into the weekend. As long as she continues in this direction we will not see the doctor until she is two weeks old and the goal is to have her back up to her birth weight.

I am so thankful to have Adam home, he has been such a huge help. I love to see him with our little newborns, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a big man hold a helpless little baby and talk to her so tenderly. My heart swells with pride... I love that man.

I am going to try to get some rest before the big kids get home from school.


Kate said...

I totally agree - there is nothing as sweet as a daddy holding a little baby so tenderly. LOVE it!

Glad you all are home. I hope and pray for you that it's no where but up from here. Have a restful weekend. ;) I meant that!

Katie P said...

We need a new update! How is the 1 week old? pics too!!!

Katie P said...
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