Thursday, April 3, 2008

Like Brother...

like sister.

It looks as if this little baby is following in her brother's footsteps. She has consistently been measuring on the larger size for the past month or so. Today was my ultrasound and sure enough she seems to be on the larger size. At the ultrasound she was an estimated 8lb 8oz already, YIKES!!!

The doctor feels confident that I can go ahead with a normal delivery since I brought Andrew into the world at a whopping 9lb 9oz. He is going to induce me early to prevent her from getting TOO big.

So... April 14th it is.

Unless she decides to come on her own, earlier. Which would be fine with all of us.

Many of you know I have a weird preference for even numbers, you know 2,4,6,8,10, get the picture. I even get my even day!!!! Yea!! Does anyone else share this odd preference? Just curious.

It is fun to think in two weeks she will be here, either way. I am hoping the estimated weight was off a little and she is not any bigger than her brother was.

We will keep you posted.

It was fun to update my ticker. I will be in the single digits soon.


Sheri said...

Only 10 days to go!!! How exciting! I will continue to pray for you, your sweet baby girl, and your entire family as you enjoy this blessed event. We can't wait to hear updates! * Hugs*

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Woo hoo - on the home stretch now. Isn't it such a fun time -waiting to meet the newest little member of the family? And yes, I love even numbers, too. I think it's the fact they can be divided, well, evenly! Symmetry and all that...
Keep us posted!

Kacee said...

WOW!!! So cute! Is that the background adam got you? I LOVE it! Y'all are so darling! See you soon, Kacee

KY Transplants said...

Cool! It's always good news to hear that delivery will be early. Our family of 4 all have odd day birthdays. Whenever you have to choose a # between 1 and whatever, I usually go odd. What does that say about me???


Kate said...

9,9 - can you say ouch! one of mine was 9,1. not fun. i hope you can keep her under 10!!! 6 days left! hang in there!!!