Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In a Fog

I can't believe our little one is really here, it has all been rather surreal. Until the percocet starts wearing off....it feels pretty real then. :)

I am getting as much rest as possible and the kids are back at school this morning...life goes on as normal when baby #4 arrives.

She is still looking really pink and healthy and is nursing like a champ, which is great. The six year gap between Laura and Sarah is making me feel rather rusty in the newborn department, but the nurses have been super sweet when I remind them I might need a little refresher.

Her name seems perfect for her. It always feel weird to me the first couple of days after naming a child, it seems like a lot of pressure to give them a name they will use the rest of their life. She looks like a Sarah to us.

In all of our kid's middle names we have tried to incorporate some sort of family name. Jane was the name of Adam's paternal grandmother, so we wanted to honor her in that way. My maternal grandmother, that many of you knew, who I just lost a few years ago was Janet. She once told me I better not use Janet one day. :) So we just dropped the "t" and we can still honor her.

That is one of the hard things about having Sarah. It is hard to think about some of the family members that have passed away since my last birth. How I wish they could be here to call and give the news and share pictures and "war stories" with. Most especially my grandmother Janet who I affectionately called "Nana". She was my hero, the mother of six and we had so much in common it was unreal. I have also lost two dear aunts both who would have celebrated with me in this time of new life. I guess that is the hard part of growing up and time passing by, there are times to celebrate and times to mourn and they are both unavoidable.

I will just smile every time I look at this sweet little girl and think about the bright future she has ahead of her.

I am going to try to get some rest between all of the different people that come in and out of the room. It has been so fun sharing this experience with so many of you.

Have a wonderful day. I hope you are not rushing to get your taxes done.


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, wow. It was so weird reading your comment on my blog. I knew who you were immediately! I've just 'caught' up on your beautiful family. Sarah is beautiful. Thank you for visiting me. I'm so glad to find your blog. It's neat reading someone you 'know!' Have a blessed time in the hospital-use the nursery and enjoy every second. God bless you!

The Albers said...

Hello Scott Family!
We are so thrilled to hear of Sarah's safe arrival. Your blog is lots of fun. Enjoyed catching up with you on it. We will be praying for you guys in the transition with baby Sarah. Nate is also 6 years older than Benjamin. It has been great. The big kids are great help plus they just adore him. I'm sure you will have the same thing at your house. Missing you guys.
Love, The Albers

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Congratulations, Charlotte! We rejoice with you. Sarah is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! I get all misty just looking at the sweet pictures...
We had a 5 1/2 year gap between our 3rd and 4th - you'll get the hang of it and Sarah will be the "family doll." Precious times ahead. Blessings.

Kate said...

The kids look so big holding little Sarah! Looks like your "baby" loves having a new baby sister too! :)

Janet - was that the Nana I knew that lived in Boca? I loved her! She was sooo fun.

I am so happy for you Char! Get some rest - well, most likely not until you get to be in your own bed. :)