Monday, April 7, 2008

Take me out the the ball game

This afternoon we went down to the local minor league ball park for our first ballgame of the season. Andrew and Laura love to go and hang out and watch the game. Emma is not so sure about the game but is a good sport and comes along and tries to have a good attitude about being there.

Tonight was a special night, after the game there was a Jeremy Camp concert right on the field. It was a lot fun and we all had a great time.

My feet are hating me right now for it. Good thing I can blog on the couch with my feet up.

This week will be a busy week of trying to get many things done before our little one joins us next week. I am getting so excited to meet her and pray that she will enter the world without complications.


Meggo said...

can't wait for your little one to come! can you email me your address please?

Sheri said...

Great picture! Looks like your family had a very special day at the ball park... You look fabulous and I too am very excited for your little one to arrive!

KY Transplants said...

How fun!! You look great! You definitely don't look 9 months! Enjoy being off your feet, it won't last much longer!


Sadlier Family said...

What a fun night - and a great picture! You look fabulous. So fun to talk to you last week! I'll keep praying for an easy delivery, and a healthy baby and mommy. Can't wait for you to meet her!

aloha-gal said...

WoW~ Can't believe the time has already come! Looking forward to seeing the GOOD NEWS post! My prayers and thoughts are with you...for a healthy delivery! Christa

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!
I'm praying for you Girlie. Hope to see you Friday. :)

Kate said...

You look AWESOME Char! I know you may not feel it, especially your legs and feet! But they'll be just about back to normal in a week. Can't wait to hear the great news!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this little one would like to share our birthday!! Have a great day tomorrow. Miss you.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Sounds like a fun time. And can i just say - you look fabulous for being "great withchild!" I'll be thinking about you next week!