Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No Bearfoot

We just returned from a Spring Break trip to Crown Paradise Club in Cancun. The sign on the door to one of the main restaurants at the resort warned patrons "No Bearfoot". We laughed and joked with each other before we descended upon the buffet as we checked to make sure we didn't bring our "bear feet". I still laugh out loud when I think of Andrew laughing and reminding everyone no bear feet.

As you all know our family couldn't be together for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. So we decided to celebrate the holidays with a family vacation over spring break. We spent nine days enjoying the sun and the water. Laura kept asking me if I had to go to work the next day. She was always relieved to hear that I had all day to spend with her and the family. It was a welcome change.

The highlight of the week for the kids was the day we took a ferry over to Isla Mujeres and swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. Charlotte and Laura did the Dolphin encounter and were able to receive a dolphin kiss, do a pectoral shake, feel and swim with "Lissy" the dolphin. Emma, Andrew and I watched from behind the observation rope and enjoyed watching Laura's confidence grow. They were in the water with Lissy for a half hour and by the end Laura's little hands shot out every time the Lissy swam by. She was so excited when her session was over. She could not stop talking about it. The experience was capped off later in the week when on her birthday she painted a ceramic dolphin that is now prominently displayed on her dresser. Emma, Andrew and I did the next level up and were able the do all Charlotte and Laura did and additionally we received a belly ride and a Boogie board ride from "Picasso" our dolphin. It was very fun. The kids loved it.

After we had finished our dolphin experience we had about an hour until the ferry back to Cancun departed. It was the perfect opportunity to hit a geocache. I'll leave that for another story but let's just say we made a new friend Gilberto and it was just as memorable as the dolphin encounter.

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