Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bump, Set, Spike

It is really just about serves.

Emma had two volleyball games this morning. She was so cute out there. She is so much like her mom it's funny. She did a great job today with her serves. At this level of competition it's all about being able to serve it over the net and in bounds. These are two tough things to do at this level and if you can do both I'd say you win the point 75% of the time.

Emma shows great potential for volleyball. She had a run of about four good serves in a row today and then she seemed to get a bit nervous and hit it out of bounds. She also had some nice returns when her team was on defense. The teams are getting better and serves are now returned more regularly than they were during the first weeks of the season. There were even a few very good volleys today with the ball going over the net four or five times. It was actually quite exciting. Emma's coaches are great and are very instructional and encouraging. The coach keeps telling Emma how much potential she has if she keeps working. As a lefty she will become a great asset to any team as an outside hitter.

She's cute out there with her pony-tail swishing back and forth as she runs all over the court. She has a cute and infectious smile as she either makes a good play or a not so good play. I'm proud of her. It is so fun to see her enjoying herself so much. She's a good kid. I look forward to seeing where this new adventure takes her.


Laura said...

I can't believe how big she is! I'm sure she will be a great volleyball player.

OK - so I see all these entries about the kiddos - I want news on Cooper! :) Hope you guys are well.

Laura K

charadam said...

Go to the the Stringer zoo link on our blog and you can see an entry on Cooper and his mom, Abby.

I love checking out your scrapbooking page too, you are very talented.


Katie said...

Pretty impressive Emma! I can imagine that you are fun to watch out there on the court (is that what volleyball players call it? Being a bball player I'm just guessing. You'll have to school me on volleyball next time I see you!). PS- Your hair is getting sooo long! :) Love you all!

Katie said...
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