Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Night Owl

Those of you who know Charlotte well know that she's a night owl. I never know what she's up to at night after I go to bed and I never know how late she'll stay up. Some mornings as I kiss my sleeping beauty good-bye for the day before I head out for work, I'm scared to ask her what time she went to bed. Another part of who Charlotte is that I love (and at times drives me crazy) is that she is a go-getter, nothing can get done fast enough, no time like the present. As she used to tell an old friend of hers "hurry up so we don't have rush".

Well, this morning I had to laugh when I walked out of our room. Yesterday we had a new sectional couch delivered. It's a very large sectional, taking up most of the family room. Well, last night I guess Charlotte decided she didn't like how it was positioned in the family room so she moved it. I don't know how she moved it all by herself. It was no small task and to think of her moving it around last night did not surprise me but it did make me laugh. Like I said, I'm never sure what she's up to at night after I go to bed.

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Stringer Zoo said...

Too funny Charlotte!! That sounds like something I might do, even though I definitely couldn't be characterized as a "go-getter", I do work better after 10pm.