Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tour of Homes

BooMama sponsored a holiday tour of homes earlier this week and I thought it would be fun to join in.

The idea is to take people through your house and tour some of your holiday decorations and what they mean to you. I have even updated my play list and you can listen to some Christmas music while you come check things out.

Let's start in our family room. Here is our tree.

It is a little crowded with ornaments but they all have stories and significance so how do you eliminate any? We contemplated starting a second tree but then thought we could squeeze them all on...and that is exactly what we did. It is so fun to get all the ornaments out each year and relive some of the fond memories that many of them bring. Here are just a few:

We try to get an ornament in each place we live. This Santa is made from a Maryland Blue Crab shell, it is totally unique and reminds us of our time in Southern Maryland.

Here is an ornament from our first of many tours in Oklahoma. It is also where Emma was born.

This is from a fun trip we took to Disney World one year right before Christmas.

Each year a certain family member gets me a special ornament to commemorate that particular year, they are so special. The kids love hanging each and every one.

We have our stockings hung and ready to be filled. It seems I have accumulated a few angels over the years, I don't collect them but it is fun to display them together.

Years ago my grandmother started a collection of White House Christmas ornaments for our family. She has sadly passed away and this will be the third Christmas spent without her, but I love getting these ornaments out and thinking of her. I have continued my collection in her memory.

In the last few years my nativity scenes have come to mean the most to me. I love this one that I got about five years ago. One of the Wise Men was decapitated during early December but thankfully Adam fixed him all up. Good as new...for now anyway.

We also have this nativity that is very child friendly and all the kids love to rearrange it on a daily basis. Andrew hid the wise men the other day when he learned they were not actually at Christ's birth but instead came later when he was a young boy. Baby Jesus will often be placed where the angel is now, you never know where these figures will end up. I plan on always keeping this so that little hands can explore the nativity, plus I just love Little People in general.

This year a dear friend of mine that lives in Hawaii sent me this and I love it. It is made from a coconut, how cool.
Maybe I should start a collection of nativities? There seems to be a theme of collections here, hmm.

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour.


Dawn said...

Awww your home is so cozy and inviting!!! are an Air Force wife? Neat! I am an Army wife.
We were stationed in Oklahoma (Ft. Sill) 2004-2005 before the Army sent us here to Germany.
Needless to say, we REALLY miss Oklahoma and the USA.

Merry Christmas from Dawn in Germany!

50 toes said...

We are actually a Navy family that is often stationed in Oklahoma, strange but true.

Alycia said...

Thanks for the Tour!! Your decorations are wonderful ~ I love the memories that go along with them! Our good friends are back home in Oklahoma right now ~ Norman to be exact. They are our neighbors and also a Navy family.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I love all your decorations and their special memories. I seem to collect nativities too. I had to laugh because we also had a decapitated wiseman this year (along with a shepherd.)
You know those wisemen; always losing their heads, lol. :)

Totallyscrappy said...

Thanks for inviting us in! We have some of the same nativity scenes. I don't have an issue with my wisemen, but we are missing a sheep because he was abducted from the store. Of course, the sheep's absence resulted in a fabulous discount! Come on over and enjoy a cup of gingerbread tea.

Crystal said...

I loved visiting all of your Christmas decorations! The coconut nativity is awesome! I love it!

Kate said...

Love it all! The nativity's are so cute! Especially that unique coconut one!

Nadine said...

I love the family of snowmen ornament - too cute. You have a neat collection of navtivities. Have a Merry Christmas.

a soldier's wife said...

I love your decorations and your stories behind them :) We have special ornaments from all the different places we've lived, and special visits (and I musn't forget the UofA and UNC ornaments that are very special to hubby and me). Every year when we bring them out, it's so nice to revisit our memories :)
I loved your Christmas card photo and letter :)

The Gallands said...

I love the crab santa! Thank you for the tour!