Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I would love to post some pictures and tell you about our wonderful Christmas. Unfortunately that will not be possible.

We got home from church on Christmas Eve and I told the kids that I would love to take some pictures of them before they got their PJs on. They went over to the tree and posed and were even happily cooperating. The bad news was that my camera was not cooperating ...AT ALL. All it said was E18 on a black screen. I was so bummed. I proceeded to get our SLR out, the good news was it had film in it and next came more bad news. The lithium batteries were dead as a a doornail and it was after 9PM on Christmas Eve, ugh!!! The little kids were cute and said that maybe Santa would bring me a new camera, "highly doubtful" I thought.

Adam being the sweet husband that he is went out to hunt for some batteries after we got the kids to bed so that we would have a camera for Christmas morning and day, thankfully he had luck at a local drug store. I told the kids it would be like the old days and we would eventually see the pictures, once we finish the roll and I get around to getting them developed.

We had a wonderful Christmas and just enjoyed being together as a family, last year Adam was in the Middle East so this was not something we took for granted. Laura got the guitar that she was wishing for and the whole family is enjoying a new Wii. I am predicting a trip to the ER sometime in the near future due to this new crazy device.

There is good news about the camera. It was a gift from my mom about a year and a half ago and she had purchased the 2 year service plan, so it should be back in service in the near future. Until then my blog posts will be mostly text.

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KY Transplants said...

What timing! So sorry about the digital, I know what a let down that is. We've had our own digital nightmares. At least you had a backup. We got a Wii as well. We have been playing all day. :) We'll post pics soon.