Saturday, January 30, 2010

Etsy love

Living in Southern Maryland makes shopping for unique gifts almost impossible. Thankfully for me there are limitless options in the cyber mall of the internet.

I found a really cute gift for Emma and wanted to share it with you all. These are recycled scrabble tiles. There are tons of different patterns and pictures, you are sure to find one for someone on your list. I picked a pendant with a map to show you, you know how I feel about maps. Go check out their etsy shop, there is a design for everyone.

I can hardly believe that Emma will be 13 next week. Crazy, where did time go?


Katie P said...

yeah you updated!! very cute, which one did you get Emma? and no she cant be 13!

60 toes said...

each of her siblings picked one out, Andrew picked out a bulldog, Emma loves bulldogs for some odd reason.

Laura picked out a cross and they both picked out a cute fish one from Sarah.

Megan said...

Oh my Gosh Ms. Scott! I can't believe you finally updated! That is a beautiful charm, she will love it. Especially since its California and it was made out of recycable materials. Can't wait till the party!! :)