Thursday, July 10, 2008


It has been way too long since I have updated this blog. Let's just say that life took a little turn and I was hanging on by a thread.

I have lost track of how many weeks Sarah is (poor fourth child), I do know that she will be three months this coming Monday, the 14th.

Let me try to recap the last month and a half or so.

-Adam got deployed
-kids finished school
-Charlotte had a near mental breakdown, really.
-Adam came home, thankfully.
-had VBS at church
-showed house any opportunity we had, it was never convenient but we wanted it sold.
-packed for a mega road trip.
-needed to buy a car topper to fit everything in car for trip.
-drove from OK to VA with four kids, two crazy parents and one big furry Golden Retriever.
-fed countless DVDs into the rear entertainment system of our road worthy vehicle, so thankful we splurged for the GPS and the DVD player.
-participated in wedding festivities for Amy, Adam's sister. Laura was the flower girl and Adam was a groomsman.
-drove Emma and Andrew to camp in Pennsylvannia.
-drove back to Virginia.
-while we were in the car we got a call our house in Oklahoma had an offer on it, yipee!
-celebrated my brother, Matthew's 21st birthday with him.
-drove to Maryland to house hunt.
-drove around for three days looking for houses.
-spent some time with some great friends in our new neighborhood.
-finally decided on one to make on offer on.
-drove back to Virginia.
-spent a few days relaxing and negotiating for the new house.
-left Cooper with the Stringer Zoo until we return in August..
-drove back to pick the big kids up from camp in Pennsylvannia.
-headed back west to the great State of Oklahoma driving for three days.
Whew! I am tired just writing about it.

It is good to be home and sad. We have really grown to enjoy it here and hate to think we have to say good-bye yet again.

I will try to post some pictures but can't promise much. I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks as an Okie. :(


Laura said...

Charlotte - I am so excited to hear you are coming back to MD. PLEASE promise me we'll see each other soon!

Katie P said...

Thanks for the update! Never a dull moment!? Cant wait to see pics. What is your move date? Are you driving thru KS?

Sheri said...

Charlotte, I just returned to the internet world last week after 4 weeks in a hotel, waiting for housing to open on Fort Meade, MD. We are all moved in now and LOVE it!!! God has been so faithful... it sounds like your family has been as busy as ours (or more!).

I know you will miss your friends in OK, but I hope we will be able to touch base when you get settled in Maryland!

I will be praying for you whenever the Lord brings you and your family to my mind!

JulieMonte said...

Welcome back. We had such a good time seeing all of you at Amy's wedding. thanks for making the trip out. Ainsley still talks about her cousins. She had so much fun following Laura around. Sounds like a crazy few weeks but glad you guys are doing well.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Wow! That's a lot to absorb! I can't imagine what it felt like to live it! I'm glad Adam is home and I hope the next few weeks are not too crazy - relatively speaking for what you've got going on! Blessings!

Amy said...

Makes me tired hearing about it! Thanks for all the sacrifices to come!!! We all loved having you here! Can't wait until you're in MD! Love you!