Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 things

Musings of Housewife posted a meme and I decided to follow suit. I needed something easy to get the blog ball rolling again. I thought this would be the perfect it goes.

Four jobs I have had
1. lifeguard
2. bank teller
3. camp counselor
4. GAP sales associate

Four places I have lived
1. Northern Virginia
2. New York City
3. Dallas
4. Southern Maryland

Four movies I have watched over and over
1. Coming to America
2. Fletch
3. Parent Trap (new one)
4. Master of Disguise

Four shows I watch
1. Amazing Race (my favorite)
2. Biggest Loser
3. American Idol
4. 1 to 100

Four places I have been
1. Dominican Republic
2. Mexico
3. San Diego
4. Seattle

Four favorite things to eat
1. Filet Mignon
2. Cheese Fondue
3. anything chocolate
4. fajitas

Four places I would rather be
1. Hawaii
2. on a Carribean cruise
3. any Disney Theme park
4. any beach really

Four things I look forward to this new year
1. meeting the newest member of our family
2. finding out where the Navy will be sending us
3. hopefully more time together as a family
4. celebrating 13 years of marriage

If you want to join the fun consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment if you are playing along so we can come read your four things.


Katie said...

We want to hear about and see pics of Grammy Keeks and Poppy's trip out there!

Kellie said...

Love the 50 toes!!! too cute.

I'll have to remember to blog my 4 favs..good idea.

Kate said...

Oh... to be at the beach right now! I hate winter!

Great list! Oh, and I linked that recipe for you on the photo blog.

Hind's Feet said...

Love your list. I would agree with chocolate, filet, Hawaii for sure. Thank you to whomever is serving our country in your family. THat is a gift for sure!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier for the contest. Feel free to come back each day, Wed. - Fri. to enter the other contests.
Thanks, Kim

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

We have cheese fondue, working at the Gap, and wishing we were at Disney in common! I look forward to meeting your newest member, too!

a soldier's wife said...

Loved your lists...we have several of those in common :)