Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Future Author?

Last year one of our kids was required to keep a journal in class at school. It was not an easy year for our family. I had been gone a lot for the Navy and it was taking its toll on our family. One day, our child's teacher called Charlotte and asked if there was anything wrong at home because our child had written some disturbing stories in their journal. The teacher was alarmed and asked that Charlotte read the stories and see what she thought. I remember being away (again) as Charlotte narrated the story to me. I was disturbed but I was also surprised. This child seemed to be fine and seemed to be doing well. Charlotte and I were both concerned.

Charlotte sat down to talk with our child about the stories in their journal. They were very imaginative and very detailed. When asked what they meant the child replied, "they're just stories, I like writing stories." Charlotte asked if they were worried that what was written in the stories would come true? And the child replied "no, they're just stories." Charlotte asked why they wrote such sad stories and the child replied "happy stories are boring." And isn't that the truth. From the mouths of babes......

How many movies have you seen or stories have you read that don't have conflict, that don't have a hero and a villain? Life is a conflict, it is a struggle between good and evil. I am amazed that even at such a young age our child sees this conflict. They enjoy seeing good prevail. The more we talk with this child the less I am disturbed by their journal. I'm still a little disturbed because I want my baby to still be a baby, but they are no longer babies. My babies are growing up whether I like it or not. I pray that as they grow up we maintain open lines of communication with our children and that they trust us enough to bring the conflicts of their lives to us. I pray we're able to discern when they need help, when they need someone to talk with or listen to them.

It's true, "happy stories are boring" we may have a future author in our midst.


Meggo said...

Sounds like a true author!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Very true ... wasn't it GK Chesterton who said a book without an evil character is an evil book?